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Free sample Discovery reflective, luxury + personality, support for custom reflective car stickers

Free sample Discovery reflective, luxury + personality, support for custom reflective car stickers

Seller Info:Guangzhou Fendv Technology co., LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Auto Accessories in Guangzhou.We produce and supply wide range of auto accessories.We supply CHROMED ACCESSORIES, FENDER FLARE, SIDE GUARD, DOOR VISOR,COVER, and CAR MATS


Free sample Discovery reflective, luxury + personality, support for custom reflective car stickers
[Material] KK materials for automobile imports [super waterproof sunscreen for paste
without leaving marks]
Note: 1, the buyer received the goods, I can see the back of the car stickers KK words.
      2, Quality descending order: Import KK Plato BK. OUR Only KK import materials
produced car stickers, less demanding on the quality of local advertising guests can
shop production.
      3, imported materials and Plato BK KK materials such as comparing
   the first: 
          KK material to be thicker than ordinary materials, so the extension is better,
is not easy to brittle fracture can clearly feel when posted
         KK Material Color relatively positive , posted very strong feeling after a good
comparison stylish. within three years will not fade. ordinary materials generally three
color begins to fade. third:
          KK materials produced car stickers do not want to tear it directly, not the body
of the vehicle leaving glue, common materials will tear it fragmented into small pieces,
and the torn part of the glue will stay in the car, severe tear can paint together.
[Applicable models] sections of the model can be customized, to buy
time to tell us about your vehicle and body color on it!
Dear Customer:
        You can also select the following products, choose your favorite sticker pattern, and then
tell us the product number, or contact us, or send us a message, put your car model and body
color tells us that we are most fast for you to customize .. Here, you can make your car more
personality, more in line with the trend, more fashionable style. Let your driving life better.
       If you want to decorate your car better, then act now! So what? Hurry up!
Our car stickers made of paper material used KK produced relatively high quality, you need
a good quality customers, please purchase. If the customer does not need a good quality, we
can not do anything.
The following products can be customized, customers need
to contact us directly, or the purchase of other products the
same price, give us a message.$ 48
OUR promise: All materials are of high quality KK sticker sticker,
please be assured buyers buy!

Dear Customer: 

 you can also choose from the following picture your favorite car stickers,

then put your car model and body color tell us, we give you a customized

Detailed installation method

Product packaging which comes with installation instructions and installation steps, purchase

customers will not have to worry about installation

Installation Method:

(wet paste method): Tools: rag, watering containers, scraper or credit card 

1, clean body, the body parts will be posted on the uniformity of sprinkler - to reduce the sticker viscosity,

easy to adjust the position.

2, you need to determine the location of stickers. Side stick slowly while gently tools evenness, while Jiedi paper. 

3, face the door handle or rub the material to be cut according to the situation and wrap.

4, appropriate adjustments to determine the correct position of the graphics in general, the force repeatedly

scrape the water and bubbles. Off the transparent transfer film.

5, the doors and sewn with a knife draw knife, inward package obedient. 

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